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Expert Conveyors & Geared Solutions

Welcome to Expert Mining Group, where we strive to deliver the best in services when it comes to power transmissions and conveyor solutions.

In addition to our wide range of products, we also offer a great range of services to aid you in your day to day operations. We have teams available to assist on a 24/7 basis when it comes to splicing of conveyor belts, pulley lagging and repairs. Should you have any problems on your conveyor belts, our teams are just a phone call away and ready to assist you in any breakdowns or planned maintenance.

Should you have any problems with damaged gearboxes or motors, we offer a service that can do a “strip and quote” with detailed report, and should it be economical viable, also repair your products to its original working condition. We also offer Gearbox alignment services to assist you in any problems you may have in that area.

When it comes to conveyor care and preventative maintenance, we will be able to assist you in detailed reports accompanied with cost and capital planning for your plant. We offer a brilliant range of Steelcord scanning technologies, live rip detection technologies and many more. These technologies are designed to detect what problems may occur inside your conveyor belt which can’t be picked up by the naked eye.

We strive to save you money, lessen your downtime and increase productivity.

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